There will be three brackets for judging within each category, with a total of 12 awards being available. The following artistic categories are defined below.

Emerging and Youth Entrants

Bracket 1 - Youth Entry (18 and under)
Bracket 2 - General Entry (19 and over)

Entrants in the Youth section are eligible if they are:
1.    are 18 years old or younger

Entrants in the Emerging section are eligible if they are:
1.    Have not exhibited, sold, or completed a commissioned artwork in any of the four artistic categories below
2.    Are over the age of 18

Established and Mid-Career Artists

Bracket 3 – General Entry

Entrants in this section have exhibited, sold, or have completed a commissioned artwork in any of the four artistic categories below and would consider themselves an artist even if no longer practicing.


The categories of judging have been defined as follows. Entrants will not be disqualified if the judging panel believes an artwork has been entered into the wrong category. Entrants will be contacted and a change of category will be discussed.

Framed/ Hanging
Any non-digital graphic art (e.g. acrylic painting, pencil, earth pigment) expressed on a flat surface (e.g. canvas, paper, bark). Printed 2D images/digital works/ stills are to be categorised under Photography, Digital and Graphic Art.

3D/ Sculpture Art
Any artwork that is not based on a flat surface (e.g. sculptures, wood carving, pottery, ceramic, furniture, textiles, jewellery).

Photography, Digital and Graphic Art
Any artwork that has been created using digital media (e.g. live video, and animations longer than 10 seconds not accepted). This includes printed 2D images/digital works/ stills.

Poetry and Literature
Any written art forms, no longer than 1500 words (e.g. poems, short stories).

Assessment Criteria

Judges will be making their decisions based on the following criteria:

Framed/ Hanging
•    Originality
•    Technique
•    Composition 
•    Message, Interest & Overall Impact

3D/ Sculpture Art 
•    Originality
•    Technique
•    Composition 
•    Message, Interest & Overall Impact


Photography, Digital and Graphic Art
•    Originality
•    Content
•    Clarity
•    Technical competence
•    Message, Interest & Overall Impact
•    Composition 


Poetry and Literature
•    Originality
•    Technique
•    Message, Interest & Overall Impact
•    Form, Flow & Composition 

Selection of finalists

A selection process is undertaken to choose the finalists. All submissions are carefully considered by the Selection Panel, which consists of independent art professionals and key members of the Social and Community Housing industry. The panel will make their selection from the information submitted in the online entry form, judged against the assessment criteria (outlined on page 3). It is essential to note that that the information provided in the form is accurate and portrays the submitted artwork to its best advantage. The images must be of high resolution, JPG OR TIFF of 300 dpi and moving image must be a downloadable file submitted with a shared URL (web link).

All artworks are to be submitted via the CHARTS website. One entry only will be accepted per artist, per category (total of 4 possible entries per artist). One further artwork as part of a collaboration will be accepted. Details of each of the collaborating artists will be asked for on the entry form.

It is important to note - artworks that are delivered to CHARTS before an artist has been selected as a finalist will be returned at the cost of the entrant.

The image or images of the artwork submitted must be of the final artwork and no further alterations are allowed to be made to any aspect of the artwork post entry. Indicative images or sketches of proposed artworks will not be considered.

Once the Selection Panel have selected the finalists to be included in the exhibition, all entrants will be notified of the status of their entry and whether it has or has not been selected for the CHARTS Awards exhibition. The decision of the Selection Panel is final and no further discussion or correspondence about the decision will be entered into. Once the application has been submitted for consideration by the Selection Panel that no further additions or changes can be made to the artwork.

An Artist’s Agreement will be forwarded to all finalists. The Agreement will contain information about the exhibition, the exhibition process, key dates and deadlines including:

•    When the artworks are due to be delivered to the awards venue
•    A list of the publicly open exhibition events

Notification to all entrants of Selection Panel decision: by Wednesday 15th September 2021.
Please contact your housing provider if you have not been notified of the status of your entry by this date.

Entry Conditions

Entry is free.

Artist must be a current tenant residing in community or social housing or accommodation.

Any artwork submitted must not have been previously exhibited.

The artwork must be an original artwork of the artist name(s) on the entry form.

Artworks must be the property of the Artist. Proof of ownership may be requested.

No images of children will be accepted unless written approval by the parent or legal guardian has been provided to CHARTS.

Please talk to your housing provider prior to sending in your submission.

No artwork depicting offensive, derogatory, sexualised, nude, or violent content (including poetry and literature) will be accepted. Disqualification will be at the discretion of the selection committee and all decisions will be final with no further discussions or appeals. If artists are unsure of the content of their art, they are encourage to discuss their entry with their housing provider.

Artworks must be available for the entire duration of the exhibition.

Artworks can comprise any number of pieces as long as the overall dimension of the artwork is within the (H) 150 x (W) 150 x (D) 150 cm limitation.

Artworks are to arrive in good, clean, displayable and undamaged condition. Artworks received in a poor or damaged condition that differs from the images of the artwork included on the online entry form may be excluded from the exhibition and will be returned to the finalist at their expense.

The image or images of the artwork submitted must be of the final artwork and no further alterations are allowed to be made to any aspect of the artwork post entry. Indicative images or sketches of proposed artworks will not be considered.

In the case of collaborative artworks, the details of each of the collaborators needs to be included on the online entry form including their name, place of residence and date of birth.

One entry only will be accepted per artist, per category (total of 4 possible entries per artist). One further artwork as part of a collaboration will be accepted.

An individual entry form must be submitted with each individual artwork.

Delivery of artworks


If selected, the artwork delivered must exactly match the artwork shown in the photographs submitted with the application without any further changes or additions. The artworks must arrive framed, strapped stretched, or on mounting boards ready to be displayed. Plinths, easels, and tables will be made available to display artworks if required. If artworks are transported rolled to be framed/hung/installed in the gallery, please provide instructions with the delivery and include the necessary attachments or hanging systems. If there are any issues with this, please contact your housing provider to assist. CHARTS will work with artists to make sure this is not an inhibiting factor.

Any special instructions needed to hang or install the artwork needs to be included in the entry form. Please indicate the preferred way in which the artwork is to be hung by writing “TOP” on the back of the artwork. Where an artwork is made up of a number of pieces please include the details of each piece in the online entry form.
The maximum overall measurement of an artwork is (H) 150 x (W) 150 x (D) 150 cm. The overall measurement of the artwork is inclusive of all its pieces in its intended display configuration.

Bark paintings
Barks must be strapped and arrive with fixing or hanging systems ready to hang.

Multimedia artworks
For multimedia artworks that include moving image or video, entries should be a downloadable file submitted via Dropbox or Google Drive with a shared URL (web link). Please check to ensure that you enable the settings for file downloading and the ‘share via link’ setting is also enabled. Where relevant, a subtitled version of the entry must be provided by the Artist. Special installation instructions need to be provided on the online entry form.

Artworks on canvas and linen
All canvases must be stretched and ready to hang prior to delivery. Please ensure all materials are completely dry prior to transporting.

Earth pigments
Care should be taken that fixatives and binders used are sufficient to prevent the pigment from flaking, smudging and lifting from the surface.

Framed artworks
Framed artworks are to be submitted using perspex or acrylic rather than glass to prevent damage to the artwork should breakage occur. Appropriate fixing systems to enable installation need to be attached to the frame. Framed artworks will still be accepted under glass.

Three dimensional artworks
Seasoned timber rather than 'green' timber should be used to avoid mould growth during transit and excessive shrinkage or cracking. Artworks made of organic materials including wood should be packaged in a layer of absorbent material before adding protective plastic or bubble pack to allow it to breathe without sweating. Examples of appropriate breathable materials include cotton sheets and towels. It is also recommended to avoid the excessive use of packaging tape.


Ensure the artwork includes a hanging system that is suitable for the size and weight of the artwork. Consider the safety and length of time the work will be hung in the exhibition.


The judging panel with be selected with the support of independent art organisations. Judges will professional artists from each category, and will have the final say over all judging decisions. 



*Prizes are to be confirmed. 

Awards on offer include:
1.    One bracket winner for each category
2.    People’s Choice Award
3.    2021 First Nations Artist

4.    2021 Artist Living With a Disability 


1.    Artists found to be misrepresenting themselves or their artwork in any way will be disqualified from the Awards.

2.    Artists found to be involved in any conduct or activity which, in the opinion of CHARTS, harms or may harm the reputation or name of CHARTS or its sponsors or which offends public sensibility may be disqualified from entering the Awards.

3.    CHARTS reserves the right to revoke the Awards and associated prize money from an Award Recipient subsequently found to be in breach of these conditions.

4.    CHARTS have the right to negotiate with the artist about display options for their artwork.