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CHARTS Finalists


Winners were announced at an award ceremony held on

Thursday October 28th at the Mill in Adelaide.

Artist Living with a Disability - Jungle Phillips

First Nations Artist - Marie Clarke


3D/Sculpture Art – Emerging Artist - Ty Newnham 

3D/Sculpture Art – Artist – Alycia Bennett

3D/Sculpture Art – Youth Artist - Zachary Studley

Framed/Hanging Art - Emerging Artist - Linda Fribbins

Framed/Hanging Art – Artist - Luke Hooker

Framed/Hanging Art - Youth Artist - Pearl Thorsen


Photography/Digital/Graphic Art - Emerging Artist - Leonard Yarnold

Photography/Digital/Graphic Art – Artist - Phillip Miller

Photography/Digital/Graphic Art – Youth Artist - Amber Mills


Poetry and Literature – Emerging Artist - Kym McLarty

Poetry and Literature – Artist - Adeeb Hussain

Poetry and Literature – Youth Artist  - Gislene Nijenahagera

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